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Comments of the Chinese Embassy in Canada on the question from the Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail: Would the embassy please provide comment on the government of Canada’s decision to order a formal national security review of the takeover of Aecon Group by China Communications Construction Co. ?

Chinese Embassy in Canada: The acquisition of Aecon Group Inc. by China's CCCC International Holding Limited (CCCI) is just a normal business deal between two enterprises, which should not be politicized. The concept of "national security" cannot be boundlessly extended and serve as tool of trade protectionism.

We are not against Canadian side's security review on foreign mergers, which are Canada's internal affairs. Our concern is Chinese enterprises should not be treated discriminatively in this process.

China looks forward to strengthening trade and investment cooperation with Canada because it is beneficial to the development of both countries. Looking back the several previous acquisitions of Canadian enterprises by Chinese investors, though the latter being criticized frequently, the former got reborn after the acquisition, with employment increased, profit achieved and substantial tax paid. These facts should not be lost sight of.

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