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Ambassador Lu Shaye Invites Canadian Alumni of Chinese Universities to His Official Residence

Chinese Ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye invited guests to his official residence on the Lantern Festival, which falls on March 2nd. It is the first commemorative activity for the 45th anniversary of the Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Program. The guests included Susan Gregson, former Assistant Deputy Minister of Global Affairs Canada; Sara Taylor, Director General of North Asia and Oceania Bureau of Global Affairs Canada; Paul Brennan, former Vice President of Colleges and Institutes Canada; Jeremy Paltiel Professor at Carleton University; Timothy J. Stanley, Professor at the University of Ottawa and other Canadian alumni of Chinese universities.

Amid a warm and friendly atmosphere, Ambassador Lu exchanged views with guests on China-Canada relations, educational cooperation, people-to-people and cultural exchanges and other topics. The alumni delightedly recalled their life of studying in China, which as they expressed, had changed their life development path. They hoped that the long-lasting friendship and exchanges in various fields between China and Canada could be constantly deepened. Minister Han Tao, Minister-Counsellor Yang Xinyu, Counselor Hu Lihua, Counselor Tao Yihong and others were present.

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