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Press Release 20140306

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Key Points of the Government Work Report Delivered by

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the the Second Session of the 12th National People's Congress

I. Major Progress in 2013

-The economy was stable and improved. The gross domestic product (GDP) reached 56.9 trillion yuan (about 9.2 trillion USD), an increase of 7.7% over the previous year. The rise in the consumer price index (CPI) was kept at 2.6%. The registered urban unemployment rate was kept at 4.1% and 13.1 million urban jobs were created, an all-time high. Total imports and exports exceeded US$4 trillion, reaching a new high.

-Positive progress was achieved in adjusting the economic structure. The value-added of the service sector accounted for 46.1% of GDP, surpassing secondary industry for the first time. The proportion of the gross regional product of the central and western regions to China's GDP continued to rise, and development in different regions became better balanced.

-Social programs developed vigorously. Progress was made in education, science and technology, culture, and health. The Chang'e-3 lunar lander successfully landed on the moon,which shows the Chinese people definitely have the ability and wisdom to achieve the objective of making the country more innovative.

-Reform and opening-up was deepened. 416 items previously subject to State Council review and approval were abolished or delegated to lower-level governments. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone was established and the management model of pre-establishment national treatment (PENT) with a negative list was introduced. The vision of establishing a Silk Road economic belt and a 21st century maritime Silk Road was put forward. The China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone was upgraded. Free trade agreements were respectively signed with Switzerland and Iceland. China's outbound investment increased significantly. The number of Chinese tourists going overseas reached close to 100 million.

II. Main Targets for 2014

Increase GDP by about 7.5%. Keep the rise in the CPI at around 3.5%. Create ten million more urban jobs. Ensure that the registered urban unemployment rate does not rise above 4.6%. Achieve basic balance in international payments.

III. Major Tasks for 2014

1. Deepen Reform

We will strive to make breakthroughs in reforms of the administrative system, the financial sector, the fiscal and tax systemsand in improving the basic economic system.

2. Open up wider

Total imports and exports are projected to grow at around 7.5% this year. We will actively participate in developing high-standard free trade areas and accelerate free trade area negotiations with the Republic of Korea, Australia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. More service sectors will be opened up to foreign capital, and the playing field will be further leveled for domestic and foreign enterprises to compete on fair terms. We will ensure the successful building and management of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone so that this model can be copied and extended, and a number of new trials will be launched. China's inland and border areas will also be opened up wider to the outside world.

3. Promote the Transformation of Development Model

First, make domestic demand the main engine driving growth. We will enhance people's ability to consume by increasing their incomes, foster new areas of consumption, increase consumption of services and information and encourage development of logistics and delivery. Budgetary investment of the central government will rise to 457.6 billion yuan (82.8 billion USD), which will be mainly invested in government-subsidized housing, agriculture, major water conservancy projects, railways in the central and western regions, environmental protection and social programs.New regional economic belts and marine economy will also be developed.

Second, advance agricultural modernization and rural reform and development. Farmers will be granted more property rights. New ways will be explored to alleviate poverty through development. This year, we plan to lift more than ten million people out of poverty.

Third, carry out a new type of people-centered urbanization. For some time to come, we will focus on three tasks, each concerning 100 million people: granting urban residency to around 100 million rural people who have moved to cities, rebuilding rundown city areas and villages inside cities where around 100 million people live, and guiding the urbanization of around 100 million rural residents of the central and western regions in cities there.

Fourth, use innovation to support and lead economic structural improvement and upgrading, and elevate China's industries to the high range of the global value chain.

4. Improve People's Wellbeing

First, priority will be given to developing education and making it more equitable. More education resources will be allocated to the central and western regions and rural areas. The number of rural students from poor areas enrolled in key colleges and universities will again be increased by more than 10%.

Second, medical reform will be deepend. The basic medical insurance system for rural residents will be integrated with that for non-working urban residents. The annual government subsidy for basic medical insurance for rural and non-working urban residents will be increased. The major disease insurance scheme for rural and non-working urban residents will be introduced nationwide.

Third, reform of the income distribution system will be deepend so as to narrow the income gap.

Fourth, the protection of ecological environment will be strengthened and forceful measures will be taken to fight with environmental pollution such as smog.

Fifth, strengthen comprehensive maintenance of public order, crack down hard on violent crimes of terrorism, safeguard China's national security, and create good public order. On March 1st, a group of terrorists launched a horrifying attack on innocent civilians in Kunming, leaving 29 dead and more than 130 injured. Facing severe security situation, we will firmly crack down on all forms of violence and terrorism, ensure the safety of people's lives and property and make concerted efforts to build a peaceful China.

5. Peaceful Development

We will continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit, unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and unwaveringly implement a win-win strategy of opening up. Meanwhile, China's sovereignty, security and development interests as well as the victory of World War II and the postwar international order must be safeguarded. As a responsible power, China will actively participate in international, multilateral affairs, play a constructive role in resolving global and hotspot issues, and earnestly safeguard international fairness and justice.

For more information please refer to website: http://ca.china-embassy.org/eng/zt/nc2014as

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